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Setting Tables and Chairs at Weddings

Setting Tables and Chairs at Weddings
By Samantha J Murray

At a wedding, the primary focus of everyone's attention will be on the bride and her dress. However, almost an equal amount of focus is also given to the decor at the reception, particularly the table and chair settings. The table and chair settings are usually where the couple fully reflects the theme of the wedding. Table and chair settings can be extremely simple, or extremely elaborate.

For elaborate table settings, flowers are key. You can choose to have an abundance of beautiful flowers, or a well-edited selection of exquisite and expensive flowers. Some event planners take extravagance to a whole new level and even use Swarovski crystals to decorate the vase or to hold the table napkins. Basically for the table, anything goes as long as the decor blends with the theme. Great decor pieces for tables are white or silver bird cages, candles of different sizes and colours and framed pictures of the couple.

When the tables are dressed up to the hilt, you should also dress up the chairs. Think about hiring wedding chair covers so that the chairs will not appear too bare. Have sashes tied around the chairs so that the tables and the chairs will have an elegant and cohesive look.

Chair covers can make a large difference to the appearance of a wedding reception. Indeed probably a bigger impression than any other type of decoration. Spandex chair covers can be used to fit almost any type of chair, and sashes can be bought in many colours and can easily be matched to your wedding theme. When hiring chair covers for a wedding, your supplier will usually handle delivery and the fitting of the chair covers and sashes for you.

For simpler table and chair arrangements, you can just opt to stick to simple flowers as table decor without all the other extravagant extras. When you have simple table and chair settings, it's always a good idea to add some personalised touches on the small details to surprise your guests. A few unique touches here and there can go a long way.

If you are a fan of travelling you could use countries that you have visited together as table names. Add a personal touch to the place names by writing them yourselves. Be inventive with the name cards. If using a beach theme you could use shells as the name card holders, or if using a movie theme you could write people's names on a miniature clapper board.

Sam Murray Events help brides and grooms decorate their wedding venue the way they want. They supply chair covers, sashes and a variety of centrepieces to suit almost any theme.

Chair covers make a huge difference at a wedding reception. Sam Murray Events can help to make your dream wedding. Find out what to consider when choosing wedding chair covers.

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