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Top Tips for Wedding Cakes

Top Tips for Wedding Cakes
By Jessica Marie V. Sullivan

Your wedding cake is the highlight of your wedding reception, which makes it a very important detail in wedding planning. Below are some tips on how to choose wedding cakes.


Which one do you like better, buttercream or fondant? While fondant can make a cake look surreal-like and smooth, buttercream is often more delicious. However, if you want a cake that looks and tastes great, you can combine both frosting. You can have the cake covered with buttercream frosting first and then add a layer of fondant over the whole confection.


In what season are you getting married? It is best to consider the season when choosing the wedding cake. If you are having an outdoor wedding in the summer, avoid buttercream, meringue and whipped cream as they melt quite easily. Let the baker know what type of wedding you are going to have so as to give them an idea of what frosting to use for your cake.


The best source of ideas and inspirations are the ideas of the others. Browse through magazines and be inspired by the pictures featured in them. Most of the food, dresses, d�cor and other wedding details come from the creative ideas of stylists, designers and editors. The photos and the articles should serve as your springboard for your own wedding planning ideas.


In terms of decoration, adornment determines the price of your cake. If you want to save on your cake, do away with crystals and other fancy embellishment. The most affordable decoration options are fresh fruits or flowers. The bottom line is, the more add-ons on the cake, the higher the cost. If you want a cake with intricate patterns and design, expect the price to be high.

Going Mini

One popular idea for wedding cakes is the mini cakes. Instead of serving guests slices from the wedding cake, they will each be given a mini cake of their own. A lot of people may think this would cut costs, but it actually would not. Remember that each cake requires its own box and decoration. Although this would really create a huge visual impact for the guests, it may be a bit expensive. Even bakers do not encourage mini cakes as they are time-consuming and quite a hassle to be transported to the client. This goes to show that theory does not always do well in practice.

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