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Putting the Man Back in RoMANce
By Debra Glass

For Male Eyes Only!

Face it guys. You've sent her flowers. You sprang for a housekeeper. You've tried the dirty talk. You even manned up and had a three-way with BOB. (Battery operated boyfriend) And she still has a headache! What gives? The sex life of a woman is a conundrum to most men. What do they want? What turns them on? And, most frustrating of all, why won't they tell you? According to University of Chicago researcher, Dr. Edward Laumann, a staggering 43% of women suffer with sexual dysfunction. Lori Futterman, a researcher at the University of California San Diego says 85% of women have trouble developing desire in the first place and 10% cannot get aroused at all while an estimated 5% of women don't experience orgasms. In addition to these sky-high percentages, lack of desire is a chief complaint among women. Most guys have seen enough Oprah to realize that a woman's sex organ is between her ears. But how does the typical red blooded American male engage in foreplay with a woman's brain? It's easy. Feed her fantasies.

Women who fantasize enjoy rich sex lives. They're up to try more positions, have fun with sex toys, outfits, you name it! It's easier than you might think to encourage a woman to fantasize-and you just might enjoy it yourself. A woman's libido is directly linked to emotions regarding romance and love. Remember when you first met her and your sole focus was on her attributes? She thought the same thing about you and she was always up for sex, whenever, wherever. Unfortunately, familiarity tends to quell the hots you had when you were both in the thrall of lust. That doesn't change the fact that women thrive on anticipation and knee-melting sexual tension in a relationship. With stress, life issues, jobs, children, and bills, how can you bring back that feeling of romance women crave? Try reading an erotic romance novel with her! In 2007, romance fiction snatched the largest share of the consumer book market with $1.375 billion in estimated revenue. Of those who read books in 2007, one in five read romance novels. (AP-Ipsos Poll) Romance novelists continue to thrive on the New York Times, USA Today, and Publishers Weekly bestseller lists. These are some strong stats. Why?

Because women enjoy the romance between two characters in a committed relationship. Contrary to popular belief, women don't read romance because they are dissatisfied with their relationships. It's just the opposite. Psychology Today states that women who read romance novels make love with their partners 74% more often than women who don't. 74% guys. That's an even stronger stat. In her article, Sex Lives, Bonnie Williams writes, "reading a romance novel...can help women shift into their "sex self" from their role as mother, wife, employer, or employee." But how does a guy fit into all this? Romance novels are no longer your mother's bodice rippers with cheesy covers and even cornier plots. The books now embody strong heroines who are ladies on the streets and freaks in the sheets. They are in charge of their sexuality and know what they want-and then ask for it in scandalous unladylike language. Not only is the terminology more graphic, so are the sex scenes which are far more plentiful than in the romance novels of old. Ellora's Cave's Romantica books have taken romance to a whole new level. The stories are highly erotic and graphic while still offering spellbinding plots and captivating characters. With quickies, novellas, and novels published in a wide variety of tastes and genres such as paranormal, contemporary, fantasy, bondage, and historical, readers can easily, quickly, and anonymously download an Ellora's Cave E-book for immediate inspiration. Author, Phyllis Curott (The Love Spell) adds, "Romance novels are the secret erotica of American women. These books describe what women want. The heroines are very strong and very feminine. And surveys have found that women who read romance novels have sex more often and enjoy themselves more than women who don't read them."

That said, as an educational tool, romance novels contain a wealth of knowledge for men interested in spicing up things in the bedroom. "Women readers tell us that their husbands read the books they buy from Ellora's Cave, or that they read them together. Some describe jointly reading a sex scene and then acting it out!" says Ellora's Cave Publisher, Raelene Gorlinsky. Although Ellora's Cave was one of the first publishers to focus on erotic titles, other big houses in the romance industry have followed suit. Harlequin boasts an erotic line as well as Kensington, Samhain, and others. With the upsurge of erotic titles, romance houses and bookstores are seeing a spike in the number of men readers. Are these men onto something? Perhaps they've discovered how reading romance heats up things in the bedroom. Aside from the added Viagra-like benefits for the woman in your life, with the extensive variety of subgenres, men can also enjoy well researched paranormal, science fiction/fantasy, western, interracial, and even S&M or same sex titles. The male protagonists in romance novels are no longer the pussy whipped pansies of yore. Writers now strive to please savvy readers by creating realistic characters within the realm of their stories.

Here is a taste of my Ellora's Cave paranormal Quickie, Death By Chocolate which will appear in the March 2009 Flavors of Ecstasy I Caveman Anthology-

Uncertainly, Trip walked back into the well-appointed hotel lobby and took the same elevator up to the fifth floor. He followed the brass signs tacked to the walls in the direction of room 506 and slipped the keycard in the door. At once, he heard the lock tumble and the green entry light came on. Slowly, he turned the handle and opened the door. "Aries? You in here?" She stepped into the entry hall dressed in nothing but a lacey bra and panties the same delectable, creamy color of her skin. "Did you bring your handcuffs?" she asked urgently. His gaze dropped to the bottle of lubricant she held in one hand and the box of condoms she had in the other. What the... His thoughts skidded to an abrupt halt. "Whoa!" he exclaimed. "Wait a minute. Are you one of those types who get off on murders?" He tried to look her in the eye but he couldn't tear his gaze away from the plumpness of her pale breasts bubbling over the lace of her bra cups. And her waist... It was so small he could just about wrap his hands around it. His mouth went dry. The thin fabric of her panties creasing at her cleft left no doubt, this girl was au naturel. Shaved. Bare. Mercy! "I need you to tie me up," she said, adopting that businesslike tone again. "And to blindfold me." Still holding the door open with one foot, Trip tossed the keycard on the shelf next to the coffee maker. He rubbed his eyes and blinked before he took a deep breath.

Every fiber of his being urged him to throw the sexy psychic on the bed and bang her brains out but he knew he shouldn't. He rubbed his temples, knowing good and well he was going to hate himself for denying her but he said it anyway. "No." She stopped and stared with those cat eyes. So green. In this light, they were jewel green. "I need you, Trip." His cock rebelled and stiffened so that he had to switch his weight from one leg to the other in hopes she wouldn't see the telltale tent in his trousers. "Listen, Aries, I can't just...I mean, we hardly know each other... Damn, you're a beautiful woman. But I-" She took a step closer and he felt his heart begin to race. Footsteps approached in the hallway outside and he stepped in and let the door close behind him. "I need you to tie me exactly like you found the girl." Her eyes searched his. His resistance wavered. "Why?" "So I can get a feel for her." She tossed the lube and the condoms on the bed, turned and walked toward the dresser. The way her panties rode the cleft of her tight ass made him want to take her up on her offer. It made him want to do a helluva lot more than that. He groaned. She opened a bag of Hershey's Kisses. "I got this chocolate in the gift shop. It's not the kind the killer uses, but hopefully it'll work." Bringing the bag of candy with her, she climbed onto the bed. "Whoa, hold your horses now!" Trip rushed forward, intent on stopping her, but when his fingers encircled her arm electricity shot through him, racing up his arm, into his body and down both legs. His cock surged with blood. Her gaze drifted to his dark fingers encircling her arm and then lifted once more so that her eyes steadily held his. "I need you to tie me to the bed just like the victim. Blindfold me. Feed me the chocolate. Take off my panties. Do to me what the killer did."

Reading a short, sexy romance together might be just the thing to get her juices flowing-figuratively and literally!

Spice up your sex life!

o Go to the website of an E-book publisher (such as with your significant other
o Search by genre or theme for a story that will really turn her on
o Read it together
o Act out the love scenes

She'll love you for it!

About The Author

Debra Glass is the author of numerous erotic romance novels with Ellora's Cave. In addition to her recent non-fiction release with The Lotus Circle, Mediumship To Go, she has written several regional folklore books and has had various articles published in Fate Magazine and Civil War magazines. She lives in Alabama with her adorable, romance reading husband and one very spoiled black cat.

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