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Fantasy Collectibles: Dragons, Unicorns and Fairies, Oh My!
By Jonathon Blocker

A theme that has become more adored than ever in the world of collectibles is the fantasy theme. Dragons, unicorns, and fairies and other fantasy figurines are favorites of this genre and are relentlessly collected by thousands of enthusiasts around the world. The beauty and grace of fictional creatures like dragons and fairies is probably what prompts people to admire and collect them. Available in a wide variety of materials, depictions, styles, sizes, and colors, dragons and fairies can be a unique representation of those who collect them.

One of the most popular dragon figurine artists today is Jasmine Becket-Griffith. Her name is synonymous with the mystery and beauty that surrounds mythical figurines and her art work is world renowned for its impact on fantasy lovers and her unique perspective of beloved fictional creatures like dragons and fairies. Becket-Griffith is a certainly special addition to the fantasy art world and can be spotted at art conventions and other fantasy functions sharing her talent with the world. She hails from Florida, but is often seen in Europe, Asia, Australia, and of course within the United States.

If you know a diehard fan of the fantasy genre, there are some fantasy gifts you may want to consider. The perfect gift for a fan of fantasy figurines would be a Jasmine Becket-Griffith fairy or dragon figurine. Each of her figurines is distinct and is highly collectible. Her collection consists of hundreds of fantasy pieces that show the magical world of fantasy through her artistic eyes.

Other fantasy gifts up for consideration include Nene Thomas figurine dragons, dragon billiard collections, dragon calendars, and much more. And it doesn't stop at fantasy figurines. Various sculptures, wall d�cor, figurines, jewelry, and other fantasy collectibles are popular with fans of mythical creatures as well.

Most figurine dragons are modeled after the Asian legend of the dragon as they are depicted in traditional Asian stories. The legend of the dragon is a great story for fantasy fanatics everywhere. Folklore from Asia, Europe, and beyond includes the noble dragon in its tales. Jasmine Becket-Griffith's wide-eyed, colorful dragons are a favorite version of the mighty dragon that is instantly recognized by many around the world.

Add to your fantasy collection with Nene Thomas, Jasmine Becket-Griffith, and others. No two dragons you collect will ever be the same. If fairies are more your cup of tea, Jasmine Becket-Griffith also makes beautiful, wide-eyed fairy sculptures and figurines. Fairies are fast becoming a popular addition to fantasy collections and aren't necessarily just for women.

In this article Jonathon Blocker writes about

fantasy gifts and

figurine dragons

Article Source:,-Unicorns-and-Fairies,-Oh-My!&id=5961939

The Difference - Pixies and Fairies
By Mat S

When you think of pixies or fairies you often think of the same creature. A small human like being that is winged and beautiful. However, pixies and fairies are quite different, and in many legends do not even get along.

Pixies live in gardens and meadows. They prefer to garden themselves because their diet consists of nectar and honey. They are generally peaceful, but will go to war with a fairy over territory if needed. These creatures are not immortal; it is believed they live about 15 to 20 years. Some legends portray them with wings, others without. Most are dressed in green to camouflage with the garden or meadow. All of them have pointy ears.

Every Pixie loves to steal ponies for fun, and they enjoy playing pranks on each other. Not immune to pranking humans, these little creatures also often give domestic animals problems as a way to have fun. They are smaller than their fairy counterparts, averaging about 4 inches in height. They are deathly allergic to silver and even a brush against the metal can send them to their death.

A fairy is about 6 inches in height, and is often considered bossy. While these creatures are portrayed as beautiful winged beings full of magic and mystique, they can be mischievous and war like. Fairies will go to war over property and often make war with their counterparts.

Fairies are immortal and have the ability to grant gifts to people they choose. They have magical powers that allow them to be creative and fly, as well as the ability to disappear when a human approaches. Living wherever they choose, different types of fairies inhabit different areas. Most fairies avoid big cities because they prefer the freedom of open spaces and the fresh air of the country side. Most cities are "inhabited" with other magical creatures such as elves and gnomes.

Fairies dine on fruit and cheese and have the same aversion to silver as a pixie. Fairies have the ability to manipulate the elements, and often do. They enjoy making things such as shoes and will often steal household items from humans to complete their projects.

Both types of creatures have been in human folk lore since the onset of time. Every culture has a story about little winged creatures that bring fortune or trouble. Many of the legends and the associated magical creatures such as brownies and gnomes find their origin in England and Ireland. But every society mentions them at some point.

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Hold a Fairy Garden Party - Fairy Fun For All the Family!
By L Brooks

If you love fairy tales and are looking for a new theme for a summer garden party, then why not hold a Fairy Garden Party? This makes a superb birthday treat for children or a fun-filled theme for a young at heart group of adults!

Fairy Garden Party Supplies

Things you might need include:

  • Plates, cups and cutlery
  • Banners
  • Balloons
  • Tablecloths
  • Invitations
  • Pinatas
  • Cakes
  • Games
  • Music

Dress Up in Fairy Costume!

Add even more fun to the party by making it fancy dress! Make or hire costumes to wear. You could go for the classic faerie, the fairy princess or even a Gothic fey! You will need:

  • A faerie dress
  • Floral headband or tiara
  • Wand
  • Wings
  • Sparkly shoes

Make Fairy Party Food

Try baking some homemade cupcakes, with lots of pretty toppings! Dainty sandwiches are also a great idea. You could even develop the theme by creating all the different foods in miniature, or provide fairy food such as honey, mead, nuts and edible flowers.

Fairy Party Entertainment

Games can include a fairies treasure hunt, best costume competition, magic tricks or even fairy-spotting! Cut out pictures of fairies and hide them all over the garden.

Fairy Party Decoration

The first thing that comes to mind when decorating for such a party is a trail of fairy lights! Twinkling lights add a magical element to any event, especially when the sun goes down. Along with ornaments or statues of fairies, try dotting miniature items around such as dolls house furniture or acorn cups, to make it look like the fairies are visiting!

These are just a few examples of how to have a fun-filled event. I can think of lots more fairy garden party ideas and have enjoyed putting them into practice over the years.

Of course, one other key element to a successful fairy party is to have a fairy garden to hold it in! I found lots of amazing ideas at and have held many wonderful parties in my garden ever since!

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What Do Fairies Do?
By Mat S

Fairies are enchanted beings of folklore that can both good and evil. They live in a parallel world, similar to humans with trees, streams, woods and pastures. These two worlds do intertwine, the large difference between these worlds is time. In the fairy kingdom, time basically stands still, so if a person enters, years may be lost when they are able to return. Most of the wee folks characteristics are much the same as humans; they have love, war, marriage, birth, and death. Their appearance can range from a young, radiant angel to a troll with wings.

Most are best known their magical trickery. The pranks and mischief's caused by them are generally harmless. Some of the trickery includes leading people off their paths, stealing little items, making dogs yelp, and tangling hair in knots while people are sleeping. The mysterious enchantment they have makes it easy to fall under a magical spell and more than just a practical joke will follow.

A fairy is known to turn evil if someone interferes with their ways. The interference is usually unintentional since fairies and their homes are mostly unseen. Some fairies can not stand to be looked upon, they may take that anger out on pets, by riding on their backs and making them ill. These mischievous creatures have been known to deliver people's souls to the underworld and put changelings in places of the lost souls. To wreak havoc on a family, a fairy spirit may inhabit a person without a soul and live as a human.

Not all little folk are evil, some are very helpful and generous. The nice ones will guide lost children and pets home safely, insects will be chased from gardens, lost items will show up and babies will fall asleep to soft songs being played. These are the ones who understand their magical gift the most and are willing to share it. They like to play tricks and games as well as any of the other ones. These enchanted beings may have been the ones that, led the lost children away, borrowed the lost items and kept the baby awake. Not even these wee folk can be fully trusted.

Guarding against their magic can be difficult, since they are usually unseen and unpredictable. Stories of long ago, shows some ways to protect ones self; wearing clothes wrong side out, cold iron, bells, and charms all help, but the most important, don't go astray, stay on the path.

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How to Attract Fairies to Your Garden - Making a Haven For Fairies, Elves and Nature Spirits
By L Brooks

Do you believe in fairies? If you would like to learn how to attract fairies to your garden, there are several ways to do so.

More and more people are becoming aware of the fact that, just like angels, fairies exist on an astral level, and can sometimes appear in the physical realm. More often than not, you will need to rely on some psychic ability to be able to see, hear or feel them, but it is possible to learn how to tune in to your inherent psychic skills.

Attract Fairies to your Garden

One of the best ways to attract fairies into your life is to make a fairy garden. By designing a natural space that is pleasing to the fairies, they are more likely to gather around your home and work with you. By gaining the trust of fairies, you can form a lasting relationship whereby you are able to benefit from the joy and blessings they bring, while helping to restore the natural balance of Mother Nature.

Ten Ways to Attract Fairies

  1. Plant native wildflowers and trees
  2. Look after your local habitats, not just in your garden but by tending local woods or volunteering with a conservation group
  3. Feed the birds
  4. Provide houses and shelters for local wildlife and garden birds
  5. Share any produce you grow in the garden with the birds - in other words, take down fruit cages and other deterrents!
  6. Grow a wild area in the garden, and keep the edges of the lawn long for fairies to hide in
  7. Garden organically and use natural methods to protect plants from pests
  8. Leave offerings in the garden such as milk or cake
  9. Play music and ensure there is always lots of laughter and joy in your garden
  10. Place fairy statues in the foliage
By respecting nature and taking care of the world around you, you are showing respect to the fairies too. I learnt that patience, love and a reverence for nature are very important when it comes to building a relationship with the fairies. Be kind and have an open heart, and you too can learn to attract fairies to your garden.

It is fun and fulfilling to make a garden dedicated to the fairies, and I found lots of helpful ideas at Once I implemented the right designs and plants, the fairies had somewhere to play! Fairies are very private about their affairs, and initially mistrustful of humans, so designing a garden that is full of secret places is crucial.

Remember, be kind to the fairies, and they will be kind to you, too!

Article Source:,-Elves-and-Nature-Spirits&id=3687007

How To Dress Like A Fairy - Vital Fancy Dress Tips
By Emma A Lee

All girls want to dress like fairies, and after princesses, fairies are probably the most popular fancy dress outfit amongst females of all ages.

In popular literature and the arts, fairies have appeared in cartoons such as Peter Pan, and movies such as Hook and Moulin Rouge. These fairies form the popular conceptions of these fantastical creatures, so imitating them will ensure that you aren't humiliated through people asking you what or who you are dressed as.

1. Wear Little Wings - all fairies have wings, often of the translucent variety. In order to be practical, they should stick out backwards, rather than to the side. To give a further impression of a fairy's small size, the wings should imitate insect wings rather than bird wings.

2. Brighten Up Your Skin - fairies are associated with bright happy things. So shimmer powder and/or glitter on your cheeks and eyelids can help to give you a bright sparkly complexion.

3. Wear A Little Dress - fairies are often depicted in small girly dresses. Be careful to choose a colour that matches your complexion. Don't wear a yellow dress if you have a pale skin as it will make you look a little washed out. Also, many depicted fairy dresses have jagged hems which imitate flowers. Creating this effect can be easily done with a pair of scissors.

Also try to choose a colour that matches the season. Bright colours go well in the summer, pastels in the spring, deep reds and oranges in autum, and white in the winter.

4. Use makeup to perfect your face - fairies should look otherworldly, and not quite human. For example, you could make your eyes stand out with black eyeliner. Makeup can be applied to exaggerate your natural skin tone, perhaps making it slightly unnaturally peach colour or pink-bluish. Think of flowers when you do your makeup.

5. Act the part - You can improve your appearance as a fairy by looking the part. Try looking dreamy and mysterious. Smiling at people will charm them, and tilting your head can add to this effect.

Fairies are part of nature, and therefore protect it. You should therefore act in an environmentally friendly way, and if people are arguing about environmental issues, then you should always side with the pro-nature side of the debate.

6. Walk in a delicate way - remember that fairies are small, delicate beings that float on the wind. So you should

7. Wear flat shoes - Fairies are small creatures, so you should accentuate your short stature by wearing flat shoes, plimsolls or strappy sandals.

Read Fairy Tale Dress Up Ideas [] to learn more about dressing up like a creature from a fairy tale.

Emma Lee is a young mother who enjoys dressing up children as princesses and fairies. She is also a freelance writer and has previously written about New Born Baby Clothes [].

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Fact Or Myth? Real Information on Fairies
By Art Saborio

Fairies are mystical magical creatures of the woods. Their true date of origination is hard to place. Some say they were always there, well before humans were created and others say they originate from an enchanted dream. What we do know is they attract everything that is good in this world. Below is more information on fairies.

What makes a hearty fairy feast?

They enjoy anything that is natural. Fruits are one of their favorite foods. They have a very strong sweet tooth and can be found to enjoy treats like sweet butter bread, honey cakes and almost anything else made with honey. If you want to attract a hungry fairy, place honey or honey dipped bread in a bowl on your windowsill or back porch. Keep in mind that most will not touch the food, but only absorb its essence. Untouched food does not mean they did not come for a visit. It only means they received enough nourishment from the spirit around it.

How Can You Attract a Fairy?

This is quite a simple thing to do. They love a clean and organized home. Make sure your home is well in order. The cleaner and more organized a home, the better. After a few weeks of keeping your home clean, you may notice a few things have disappeared only to find them reappearing a few days later in the same place you left them. When this happens you have attracted a fairy.

Fairies are playful creatures of the woods that love to play harmless games. Keep in mind that they only play these games to keep themselves amused and would never harm a human. If you find a fairy has come into your home, then be certain you are blessed. To have a fairy in your house means your home has been touched with everything that is pure and good. �You can be sure an over abundance of luck will be headed your way. As she comes and goes, your new friend will leave fairy dust throughout the rooms of your house. The fairy dust is what brings good luck. Every time you come in contact with the dust you will feel enchanted with good intentions and a positive outlook on life.

Another great way to attract a one is to grow some of the plants and flowers they love in your garden. They love a well kept garden. Grow Digitalis as they can be used to make clothes. Also add some lilies as they can be used to make hats. Add a few tulips for they can be used as a fairy bed or blankets.They are gentle creatures who will thank you for your garden gifts.

Lastly add a humming bird feeder. Humming birds are great transporters for fairies; they love to use them to get around quickly. Add bright colors to your garden. �Anything natural that can be found in the forest is a great addition to your garden. Twigs, leaves, branches, nuts etc. are all great ways to attract a fairy and make them feel at home.�

Click on the link for more information on fairies. Ever ask the question Do Fairies Exist?

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How to Make a Secret Fairy Garden
By Art Saborio

You'll be able to easily flip your yard into a secret fairy garden, where any fairy would feel proper at home. Regardless of the scale of your backyard, deck or second story deck, you can put these simple modifications into place.

Assess the size of the surroundings you need to change. For a condominium that solely has a second story deck or small back yard, you're going to want to scale down the size of the items. For a bigger yard, you possibly can go as massive as you want. The scale and kind of fairy you entice will all rely on the dimensions of the objects in your secret fairy garden.

First off, fire up your imagination with just a little help from a child; kids see fairies on a daily basis. They may provide help to determine the very best items to add into your secret fairy garden.

Lets move on with identifying the name of your secret fairy garden. Without a proper name, your garden won't appeal to the little folk. How you decide on the right name? The only real way to decide,� is to have a child name it for you.

Now it's time to map out your garden. Stroll the garden and when you feel like stopping, that will likely be your signal to stop and make a special little secret path or to leave some hidden gifts for your visiting fairies.

It's time to have some fun by including some magical items to your secret fairy garden. Gnomes, mushrooms, sprites and elves are all good items to add to your garden. Place all these figures described above all together, grouped throughout your garden. Don't let them sit alone. Grouping them offers a comfort zone for your magical friends.

Add a few bird feeders and fountains. A pleasant enhanced tree is always welcome. Plants and bright flowers will add even more comfort and character.

Now for the final step. It is time for you to go out and create your own secret fairy garden.

Come on over to our site by clicking the link from more information on creating a secret fairy garden Click here to learn more about fairies and a secret fairy garden.

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How to See Fairies - 10 Ways to Attract Fairies Into Your Life!
By L Brooks

I have written a lot about fairies, but the one thing people always ask me is how do I see fairies? Fairies exist on the astral plane and although they are present in our world, it is not always possible to see them physically. However, it is possible to learn how to see fairies by using basic psychic skills and meditation.

Develop your Psychic Skills to See Fairies

Psychic ability is made up of four clairs:

  • Clairvoyance (clear seeing)
  • Clairaudience (clear hearing)
  • Clairsentience (clear feeling)
  • Claircognizance (clear knowing)

By recognizing your primary psychic senses and learning how to communicate with spirit realms, you will be able to sense when fairies are around, and maybe even see them.

Ten Ways to Attract Fairies into Your Life

  1. Create a fairy garden
  2. Leave offerings to the fairies in the house or garden
  3. Look after local wildlife
  4. Tend plants and trees
  5. Clear up litter
  6. Create a fairy altar
  7. Garden organically
  8. Meditate in the garden, specifically opening up to the fairy realm
  9. Dedicate a craft to them, such a baking them bread, making a trinket or playing them music
  10. Talk to the flowers

Use Patience and Respect to See Fairies

Fairies are wary of humans because of what we have done collectively to harm the planet. So consequently, it takes time and effort to gain their trust. If you can show that you are kind and loving towards the planet, looking after nature with unconditional love, the fairies will soon make themselves known. If you truly want to know how to see fairies, you need to follow your heart!

It look a lot of patience and learning but now I work with the fairy realm on a regular basis. Fairies, tree spirits, elementals and fairy queens are abundant in my garden because I tend it with love and make sure that all creatures are welcome within it. I learned how to design many aspects of the garden at, where you can find lots of advice on creating fairy gardens. This is one of the best ways to attract fairies, and the more fairies you attract, the more chance you have of seeing one!

Article Source:!&id=3687563

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Dark Fairy - What is it and How Do I Know If One is Haunting Me?
By Art Saborio

A dark fairy is the evil part of the fairy family. They are considered to be changelings and steal people's souls. They despise those that interfere with their dealings. They have this terrible wail that can be heard at the window when someone is going to die. �

These fairies originated in Ireland where the world is the darkest. There the forests are so dark, not even the light of the moon is allowed to penetrate. It is when the night is the darkest where you will hear the dark fairy's wail.

These fairies go by the name of Banshee. More than one dark fairy are called Banshees. They haunt families and go about the country side combing their enchanted silver hair. Families often hear a Banshee wailing when one of their kin has passed on.

Evil Fairies can be found in fairy forts. These are old circular homes that once belonged to Irish folk before the onset of the Christian era. The countryside is full of them. You can easily recognize them from the circular stones lying among the grass. No man should enter the circle. Those that entered are cursed. Children who play in these circles are also cursed.

Bad fairies are not kind to those that get in their way. If you try to cross a dark fairy, be ready to be cursed and tormented. These fairies never forget a wrong doing and will continue to haunt a family well after the person who committed the offense is dead. Fairies believe the taint of one person is a taint upon the entire family. Beware making this fatal mistake.

Fairies of this sort, do not like to play with children. Whereas good fairies will befriend a child, bad fairies are just the opposite. These dark magical creatures enjoy their solitude. They do not like humans, good fairies or anything else to do with positive and a healthy mindset.

In a time long ago before humans, the Fairy culture was split. There were those that love peace, nature and positive energy. On the other side there were fairies that enjoyed the chaos, tricks, bad intentions and war. These two fairy cultures could not live together and soon split never to speak or engage each other ever again.

These dark creatures choose the night to thrive and also searched for power through evil spells and trickery. Through this evil, they grew old and tired. Wrinkles grew on their faces. Their bodies started to thin. Their wings once long and beautiful started to shrink and become almost bone like. As the evil sweep through them, their spirit was whisked away. Once a beautiful fairy, they were now just a shell of their former selves.

There was no spirit left in them, so they searched for humans to torment. They fed on the spiritual nourishment, often leaving a human nervous and scared. Bad luck starts to show itself and the family's health begins to decline. If the family does not act soon, the enchantment could be fatal. Families often called upon those of the village that know about this magic and can help them turn away a fairy's taint.

This Halloween beware the dark fairy. You know not their real intentions.

Click here to learn more about the dark fairy and good fairies. Does the dark fairy truly exist?

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The Legend and Charm of The Tooth Fairy
By Nancy Wurtzel

The legend and myth of the Tooth Fairy is a delightful part of
our modern family culture. Kids dream about receiving a
special gift or money from this charming, magical fairy.
Adults fondly remember the Tooth Fairy as a wonderful
childhood fantasy of their youth, and they pass on the
mystery and charm to their own young children.

In most households, the Tooth Fairy operates under cover of
darkness, coming to visit after a child loses what are
commonly called baby teeth. Parents help perpetuate the
fantasy by showing their children how to place the lost tooth
under their sleeping pillow or in a special holder or pillow
made just for the Tooth Fairy. Then, the Tooth Fairy herself
visits during the middle of the night, exchanging the tooth for
a gift or monetary reward.

The Tooth Fairy is a lovely fantasy, but how exactly did she


The beginnings of the Tooth Fairy probably began many
centuries ago in a culture that encouraged folklore, legend,
literature and the arts. Historians believe that this would
have been a culture where the concept and myth of fairies
was widely accepted -- possibly in Ireland or England.

We do know that the word fairy is derived from the French
spelling of faery. In a general sense, the mythical fairy dates
back to medieval days and was quite widespread,
especially among the Celtic peoples. References about
magical fairies -- both good and evil -- can be found in
numerous paintings and literature that predates Christianity.

Centuries later, the concept of the fairy became popular
during Shakespeare's day, as he and other writers of that
time period gave them prominent roles in their plays,
poems and other writings.


So how did the Tooth Fairy as we know it today begin to take
root? There are several theories.

Among the Nordic people, it is widely believed that the
Vikings had a "tooth fee," that was paid to children when
they lost a tooth. Once paid for, these teeth were probably
strung together to make a necklace or some other type of
adornment that the Viking warriors wore into battle.

In Medieval Europe, it was common to bury a child's tooth in
the ground, usually in a garden or a field close to home.
Supposedly, the tooth was buried so that a new one would
be free to grow in its place, and it discouraged the evil
witches from finding the tooth and putting a curse on the

When Europeans and others began migrating to the New
World in great numbers during the 17th century, they
brought their superstitious beliefs with them. But as towns
and cities took shape, people found that they sometimes
didn't have a place to bury the teeth. Instead, the lost tooth
was often placed in a small planter, perhaps on a window
sill or just outside a door.

No one really knows what prompted parents to begin putting
the tooth under a child's pillow or when the practice of
leaving a gift became widespread. However, it probably
began to be part of our American folklore sometime during
the late 19th century.


While everyone seems to know about the Tooth Fairy, not
everyone celebrates in exactly the same manner. And,
parents often have questions. Following are some
common questions concerning this fantasy fairy who visits
in the night and leaves presents and money.

Why did a fairy become associated with losing a baby tooth?
Many old cultures marked the loss of a child's baby or milk
teeth. Some ancient cultures placed the lost tooth in a tree
or threw it to the sun. Other rituals involved having an adult
swallow the tooth or burn it.

Why is the Tooth Fairy so popular?

The Tooth Fairy is a whimsical concept that helps both
parent and child mark the transition from infancy to
childhood. It's a rite of passage that is not attached to any
religion or holiday, which accounts for its widespread

When does the Tooth Fairy come to visit?

Although it varies, children generally lose their first baby
tooth between the ages of 5 and 7 years.

Why is the Tooth Fairy traditionally female?

As a popular culture figure of relatively modern times, the
Tooth Fairy is usually depicted as a woman. However,
some companies are now offering Tooth Fairy "Prince" style
gifts for the boys to enjoy.

What does the Tooth Fairy exchange for the child's tooth?

A generation ago, the Tooth Fairy brought only a modest gift,
perhaps a dime or a quarter. In very recent years, that
amount has increased dramatically and children now
receive Tooth Fairy gifts ranging from a dollar to five dollars
to much more. Sometimes the monetary amount is
considerably higher for the first tooth lost. Instead of cash,
some parents opt for a gift. But money remains the most
popular choice.

Is the Tooth Fairy celebrated around the world?

Throughout English-speaking and many European
countries, the Tooth Fairy tradition is widely known and
practiced. Although in many cultures, the first lost tooth is
the only one recognized by the Tooth Fairy.


Alas, a child's belief in the Tooth Fairy is all too fleeting. By
the age of nine or ten, most children have stopped believing
in the Tooth Fairy. Many kids, however, continue to play
along with their parents because they enjoy the tradition and
they like collecting the money! The last baby teeth are
usually gone by age 12, and the Tooth Fairy ceases her

What happens to all the teeth collected over the years by the
Tooth Fairy?

Some parents tell their children that the teeth become the
countless shimmering stars in the sky. Others say that the
Tooth Fairy is building a fabulous castle for herself using all
of the "donated" teeth. Today, there are numerous books
available about the Tooth Fairy that offer their own version of
what happens to the countless lost teeth.

In the end, the magic of the Tooth Fairy is perpetuated by
parents who make up their own stories and create their own
rituals. This only adds to the magical charm that we call the
Tooth Fairy.

Nancy Wurtzel is the founder and owner of All About Baby, an ecommerce site located at []. All About Baby specializes in personalized and memorable gifts for children as well as interesting and helpful child-related site content. Ms. Wurtzel has over 20 years of marketing and communications experience. She consults with small businesses seeking to enter the marketplace or grow their existing ecommerce business.

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