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Everything Fairies
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Fact Or Myth? Real Information on Fairies
By Art Saborio

Fairies are mystical magical creatures of the woods. Their true date of origination is hard to place. Some say they were always there, well before humans were created and others say they originate from an enchanted dream. What we do know is they attract everything that is good in this world. Below is more information on fairies.

What makes a hearty fairy feast?

They enjoy anything that is natural. Fruits are one of their favorite foods. They have a very strong sweet tooth and can be found to enjoy treats like sweet butter bread, honey cakes and almost anything else made with honey. If you want to attract a hungry fairy, place honey or honey dipped bread in a bowl on your windowsill or back porch. Keep in mind that most will not touch the food, but only absorb its essence. Untouched food does not mean they did not come for a visit. It only means they received enough nourishment from the spirit around it.

How Can You Attract a Fairy?

This is quite a simple thing to do. They love a clean and organized home. Make sure your home is well in order. The cleaner and more organized a home, the better. After a few weeks of keeping your home clean, you may notice a few things have disappeared only to find them reappearing a few days later in the same place you left them. When this happens you have attracted a fairy.

Fairies are playful creatures of the woods that love to play harmless games. Keep in mind that they only play these games to keep themselves amused and would never harm a human. If you find a fairy has come into your home, then be certain you are blessed. To have a fairy in your house means your home has been touched with everything that is pure and good. �You can be sure an over abundance of luck will be headed your way. As she comes and goes, your new friend will leave fairy dust throughout the rooms of your house. The fairy dust is what brings good luck. Every time you come in contact with the dust you will feel enchanted with good intentions and a positive outlook on life.

Another great way to attract a one is to grow some of the plants and flowers they love in your garden. They love a well kept garden. Grow Digitalis as they can be used to make clothes. Also add some lilies as they can be used to make hats. Add a few tulips for they can be used as a fairy bed or blankets.They are gentle creatures who will thank you for your garden gifts.

Lastly add a humming bird feeder. Humming birds are great transporters for fairies; they love to use them to get around quickly. Add bright colors to your garden. �Anything natural that can be found in the forest is a great addition to your garden. Twigs, leaves, branches, nuts etc. are all great ways to attract a fairy and make them feel at home.�

Click on the link for more information on fairies. Ever ask the question Do Fairies Exist?

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