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How To Dress Like A Fairy - Vital Fancy Dress Tips
By Emma A Lee

All girls want to dress like fairies, and after princesses, fairies are probably the most popular fancy dress outfit amongst females of all ages.

In popular literature and the arts, fairies have appeared in cartoons such as Peter Pan, and movies such as Hook and Moulin Rouge. These fairies form the popular conceptions of these fantastical creatures, so imitating them will ensure that you aren't humiliated through people asking you what or who you are dressed as.

1. Wear Little Wings - all fairies have wings, often of the translucent variety. In order to be practical, they should stick out backwards, rather than to the side. To give a further impression of a fairy's small size, the wings should imitate insect wings rather than bird wings.

2. Brighten Up Your Skin - fairies are associated with bright happy things. So shimmer powder and/or glitter on your cheeks and eyelids can help to give you a bright sparkly complexion.

3. Wear A Little Dress - fairies are often depicted in small girly dresses. Be careful to choose a colour that matches your complexion. Don't wear a yellow dress if you have a pale skin as it will make you look a little washed out. Also, many depicted fairy dresses have jagged hems which imitate flowers. Creating this effect can be easily done with a pair of scissors.

Also try to choose a colour that matches the season. Bright colours go well in the summer, pastels in the spring, deep reds and oranges in autum, and white in the winter.

4. Use makeup to perfect your face - fairies should look otherworldly, and not quite human. For example, you could make your eyes stand out with black eyeliner. Makeup can be applied to exaggerate your natural skin tone, perhaps making it slightly unnaturally peach colour or pink-bluish. Think of flowers when you do your makeup.

5. Act the part - You can improve your appearance as a fairy by looking the part. Try looking dreamy and mysterious. Smiling at people will charm them, and tilting your head can add to this effect.

Fairies are part of nature, and therefore protect it. You should therefore act in an environmentally friendly way, and if people are arguing about environmental issues, then you should always side with the pro-nature side of the debate.

6. Walk in a delicate way - remember that fairies are small, delicate beings that float on the wind. So you should

7. Wear flat shoes - Fairies are small creatures, so you should accentuate your short stature by wearing flat shoes, plimsolls or strappy sandals.

Read Fairy Tale Dress Up Ideas [] to learn more about dressing up like a creature from a fairy tale.

Emma Lee is a young mother who enjoys dressing up children as princesses and fairies. She is also a freelance writer and has previously written about New Born Baby Clothes [].

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