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How to Attract Fairies to Your Garden - Making a Haven For Fairies, Elves and Nature Spirits
By L Brooks

Do you believe in fairies? If you would like to learn how to attract fairies to your garden, there are several ways to do so.

More and more people are becoming aware of the fact that, just like angels, fairies exist on an astral level, and can sometimes appear in the physical realm. More often than not, you will need to rely on some psychic ability to be able to see, hear or feel them, but it is possible to learn how to tune in to your inherent psychic skills.

Attract Fairies to your Garden

One of the best ways to attract fairies into your life is to make a fairy garden. By designing a natural space that is pleasing to the fairies, they are more likely to gather around your home and work with you. By gaining the trust of fairies, you can form a lasting relationship whereby you are able to benefit from the joy and blessings they bring, while helping to restore the natural balance of Mother Nature.

Ten Ways to Attract Fairies

  1. Plant native wildflowers and trees
  2. Look after your local habitats, not just in your garden but by tending local woods or volunteering with a conservation group
  3. Feed the birds
  4. Provide houses and shelters for local wildlife and garden birds
  5. Share any produce you grow in the garden with the birds - in other words, take down fruit cages and other deterrents!
  6. Grow a wild area in the garden, and keep the edges of the lawn long for fairies to hide in
  7. Garden organically and use natural methods to protect plants from pests
  8. Leave offerings in the garden such as milk or cake
  9. Play music and ensure there is always lots of laughter and joy in your garden
  10. Place fairy statues in the foliage
By respecting nature and taking care of the world around you, you are showing respect to the fairies too. I learnt that patience, love and a reverence for nature are very important when it comes to building a relationship with the fairies. Be kind and have an open heart, and you too can learn to attract fairies to your garden.

It is fun and fulfilling to make a garden dedicated to the fairies, and I found lots of helpful ideas at Once I implemented the right designs and plants, the fairies had somewhere to play! Fairies are very private about their affairs, and initially mistrustful of humans, so designing a garden that is full of secret places is crucial.

Remember, be kind to the fairies, and they will be kind to you, too!

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