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Everything Fairies
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What Do Fairies Do?

What Do Fairies Do?
By Mat S

Fairies are enchanted beings of folklore that can both good and evil. They live in a parallel world, similar to humans with trees, streams, woods and pastures. These two worlds do intertwine, the large difference between these worlds is time. In the fairy kingdom, time basically stands still, so if a person enters, years may be lost when they are able to return. Most of the wee folks characteristics are much the same as humans; they have love, war, marriage, birth, and death. Their appearance can range from a young, radiant angel to a troll with wings.

Most are best known their magical trickery. The pranks and mischief's caused by them are generally harmless. Some of the trickery includes leading people off their paths, stealing little items, making dogs yelp, and tangling hair in knots while people are sleeping. The mysterious enchantment they have makes it easy to fall under a magical spell and more than just a practical joke will follow.

A fairy is known to turn evil if someone interferes with their ways. The interference is usually unintentional since fairies and their homes are mostly unseen. Some fairies can not stand to be looked upon, they may take that anger out on pets, by riding on their backs and making them ill. These mischievous creatures have been known to deliver people's souls to the underworld and put changelings in places of the lost souls. To wreak havoc on a family, a fairy spirit may inhabit a person without a soul and live as a human.

Not all little folk are evil, some are very helpful and generous. The nice ones will guide lost children and pets home safely, insects will be chased from gardens, lost items will show up and babies will fall asleep to soft songs being played. These are the ones who understand their magical gift the most and are willing to share it. They like to play tricks and games as well as any of the other ones. These enchanted beings may have been the ones that, led the lost children away, borrowed the lost items and kept the baby awake. Not even these wee folk can be fully trusted.

Guarding against their magic can be difficult, since they are usually unseen and unpredictable. Stories of long ago, shows some ways to protect ones self; wearing clothes wrong side out, cold iron, bells, and charms all help, but the most important, don't go astray, stay on the path.

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