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How to See Fairies - 10 Ways to Attract Fairies Into Your Life!
By L Brooks

I have written a lot about fairies, but the one thing people always ask me is how do I see fairies? Fairies exist on the astral plane and although they are present in our world, it is not always possible to see them physically. However, it is possible to learn how to see fairies by using basic psychic skills and meditation.

Develop your Psychic Skills to See Fairies

Psychic ability is made up of four clairs:

  • Clairvoyance (clear seeing)
  • Clairaudience (clear hearing)
  • Clairsentience (clear feeling)
  • Claircognizance (clear knowing)

By recognizing your primary psychic senses and learning how to communicate with spirit realms, you will be able to sense when fairies are around, and maybe even see them.

Ten Ways to Attract Fairies into Your Life

  1. Create a fairy garden
  2. Leave offerings to the fairies in the house or garden
  3. Look after local wildlife
  4. Tend plants and trees
  5. Clear up litter
  6. Create a fairy altar
  7. Garden organically
  8. Meditate in the garden, specifically opening up to the fairy realm
  9. Dedicate a craft to them, such a baking them bread, making a trinket or playing them music
  10. Talk to the flowers

Use Patience and Respect to See Fairies

Fairies are wary of humans because of what we have done collectively to harm the planet. So consequently, it takes time and effort to gain their trust. If you can show that you are kind and loving towards the planet, looking after nature with unconditional love, the fairies will soon make themselves known. If you truly want to know how to see fairies, you need to follow your heart!

It look a lot of patience and learning but now I work with the fairy realm on a regular basis. Fairies, tree spirits, elementals and fairy queens are abundant in my garden because I tend it with love and make sure that all creatures are welcome within it. I learned how to design many aspects of the garden at, where you can find lots of advice on creating fairy gardens. This is one of the best ways to attract fairies, and the more fairies you attract, the more chance you have of seeing one!

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